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Sembark Travel Agency Software Overview: Features, Benefits, Pricing and Installation & Training

18 Jun, 2021 by Rajat Sharma

If you have been looking around for new Software for your Travel Agency to manage travel business processes, You are at the right place. We are here to give you the latest insights about the Sembark Travel Management Software which can supercharge your travel business to grow further.

Sembark travel agency software is cloud based Saas Software which does not require installation, you can simply access it via the internet by any device with the help of a web browser.

Sembark travel management software features you need to know about

Quick Itinerary Builder and Trip Quotation

You can build Itinerary and Trip Quotation within 30 sec with automatic price calculation & visually appealing PDF/Doc to revert travelers instantly and above all error-free trip price calculation.

Benefit: Instant query response to travelers will give you an edge over competitors.

Automatic Trip Price Calculation

The software will automatically fetch components prices from your database of different components such as Hotel, Cab and others.

Benefit: Eliminate chance of incorrect price quoted to travelers.

Best Follow up and Lead Cycle Management

Sembark Travel Software enables you to follow up on prime leads by notes, reminders, tags, filters, Sources and multiple quotations. You can track the complete lead cycle from new to converted to canceled at one connected place which eliminates the chances of missing positive leads.

Benefit: Increased lead handling by 2X, 1.5X conversion percentage with the same sales team

Ease of Payment Tracking

You can create payment installments for each converted trip to effectively track all the incoming and outgoing payments. Payment tracking will notify you when to collect payment from travelers and when to pay to suppliers.

Benefit: Healthy cash flow and Timely payments to suppliers

Easy Trip Cancellation and Refunds

You can cancel a converted trip with proper hotel, cab and trip cancellation charges. All the payments made to hotels and cabs will be adjusted by system as well as system will create refund installment to traveler.

Benefit: Smooth Trip cancellation and refunds without manual work

Prompt Trip Conversion Notification and Info to Reservations

Reservations / Operations team will receive prompt notification for complete trips like Trip ID, Trip quotation details, Payment Installments details and Special notes about the Trip and Travelers which can be used directly by Operations.

Benefit: Prompt Trip conversion details with no manual work involved

Automatic Booking Initialization and Ready-made Emails for Hotel & Cab Bookings

Sembark Travel Software will automatically initialize hotel & Cab bookings with ready-made emails for your reservations team to verify and share bookings to your suppliers within a minute which helps to achieve higher operational efficiency.

Benefit: Higher operational efficiency with increased booking handling capacity

Hotel Bookings Track with Automatic Hotel Vouchers

Reservations team can track all the initialized bookings, Bookings in Progress, Confirmed Bookings, Current Bookings, Past Bookings and Canceled bookings. You can also create hotel vouchers of confirmed bookings with just one click to save valuable time consumed in manually created vouchers.

Benefit: 5X more booking handling by same Operations / Reservations team

Smart Cab Calendar

Sembark Travel Agency Software helps you to Schedule cabs, Cab Occupancy, On Trip Cab Coordination, Duty Share to Drivers & Transporters, Cab Details share to Travelers, Future Cab planning specifically peak season, Payment Status and Feedbacks, Automatic WhatsApp and email creation for suppliers with the Smart Cab Calendar which improves efficiency and Cab Services.

Benefit: Increased cab handling by 5X, Channelised cab operations during trip and Data based future cab planning

Automatic Payment and Booking Ledgers of Hotel and Transport

You can download OR view payment and booking ledgers of Hotel and Transport based on Hotel Groups, Specific Hotel, Transporter and Specific Driver, Destination, Dates, Booking Stages, etc. These ledgers also help you to take data-driven decisions and demand forecasts to transform your travel business.

Benefit: Accurate booking data of bookings, Easy future demand forecast and Data backed decision making capability

Full Fledged Accounting and Expense Management Software

Sembark Travel Software offers full-fledged accounting software which handles all the mundane tasks like debit - credit entry, Specific Trip Accounting, Dynamic Account Statements, Supplier and B2B Agents accounts, Reconciliation, Transaction / Payment History and Cash Handling.

Benefit: Precise trip margin analysis, Accurate Transactions History and data backed financial planning

Connect with B2B Agents and Suppliers on Sembark

Sembark B2B connection enables you to connect with your B2B agents and Suppliers directly from the Software dashboard. You can receive a query from a B2B agent and can share trip quotations & itinerary, booking status, vouchers, cab details, payment status & schedule to a B2B agent within the software dashboard

Benefit: 20 times faster communication with B2B agents and Suppliers

Work from anywhere you want

You have the freedom to do your work from the office, market, home means from anywhere you want with the help of Internet access which enables you to reply to travelers at odd hours for their queries & handling hotel bookings and cab operations from anywhere using your smartphone, tab, laptop.

Benefit: Freedom of working from anywhere with smartphone or Tab or Laptop (Easy work from home)

One Software for All

Sembark travel management software can be beneficial for tour operators, travel agents, travel companies, travel agencies, DMCs with any number of employees

Benefit: Compatible with every Travel Business like Travel Agency, Tour Operator and DMC

Sembark Software Pricing

PlanAmount (₹) per UserBilling
Monthly Plan800Monthly
Quarterly Plan2,250Quarterly
Half Yearly Plan4,300Half Yearly
Yearly Plan8,300Yearly


  • Sembark also charges one time set up and training depending on no of users
  • There should be minimum 3 Users
  • GST 18% extra on total billing
  • Customization charges extra

Sembark Software Installation and Training

While the user-friendliness of the Sembark Travel Management Software is the greatest advantage, still travel companies, Tour operators, DMCs and Travel Agencies can find it a little bit difficult to use at the start given the bundle of features. Sembark Support team will train all the users for the software which will make it easier for them to use the software

  • Sembark Travel Software does not require any installation and You can start to use within minutes
  • Sembark provides all the training and data migration support at extra cost

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