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How to Book an Appointment

  1. Search for available slots in your area using pincode or your district.
  2. See the available slots in the search results.
  3. If slots are available, visit to book an appointment.
  4. If there are no slots available, click on bell icon to get notified when slots are available in your area.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Sembark - Travel Management Software ?
    Sembark is a technology company, focusing on Travel Management softwares. Sembark provides complete software solutions to travel businesses (tour operators, DMCs etc.) for sales, follow-ups, bookings, reservations and, accounting management.
    Learn more about Sembark
  2. I am not getting notifications regarding slots availability
    You should get notifications if you have subscribed and there are free slots available for your region. If you know there are some free slots available, please follow these step to troubleshoot the problem.
    1. Please check that this tab is open in your browser and the browser is not closed. You can keep it in the background.
    2. There may be high demand or low supply of vaccines in your area. If you have subscribed, you will get general availability stats for your area. Be sure to check during the time of availability to get your booking. Please be patient.
    3. Please check the system settings for notifications on your device to see if the your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox etc.) is allowed to show the notifications.
    4. Please check that this website is not block from showing the notifications.
  3. I can not see the bell icon for notifications on my device
    It means that your browser doesn't support notifications feature. We recommend using Google Chorme or Firefox to enable notifications.
  4. By mistake, I blocked notifications. How can I unblock these?
    The procedure to unblock notifications depends on your browser (Chrome/Firefox). Here are some common way to unblock notifications:
    • If you are using Google Chrome or Firefox (or similar Chromium based browser) on an Android device, click on the lock icon at the top menu bar (in the url). You will see a "Permissions" option. Click on it. You will see the "Notifications blocked" option. Click on it and allow "Show notifications".
    • If you are using Google Chrome or Firefox (or similar Chromium based browser) on a desktop (PC, Laptop), you will find some icons in the top url/search bar. Click on these icons to see which one has an option to "Permissions". Once you find it, click on "Allow" to unblock the notifications permission.
  5. Can I get notified for availability in different areas (pincode/district) ?
    Yes. Simply search for different areas (pincode/district) and click on the bell icon for that area. You will get notified when slots are available for each area.
  6. When will I get notified regarding slots availability?
    Slots availability is checked in background on a regular basis. As soon as there are slots available for your searched region, you will get a notification.
  7. How to unsubscribe from Notifications ?
    You can click on the bell icon to unsubscribe for updates in a particular area. If you want to unsubscribe for updates in all areas, click on the "Stop All Notifications" option which is visible on the top the page.


The slots availability data is a property of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India and is maintained by CoWIN with full ownership rights. This portal is created merely for helping the India get vaccinated. Hence, we don't hold any liabilities regarding data discrepancies, slots availability, vaccination or any other related activities.