Streamline your operations, all bookings in one place.

Centralise and organise all your bookings. Confirm services with suppliers, customer documentation, log payments and manage accounting.

With Sembark, you will get:

  • Leads Conversion

    Use latest or any earlier quote to convert the leads into bookings. Setup payment instalments with due dates to ensure timely collection

  • Services Bookings

    All services included in your quote gets automatically initialized on conversion. Share enquiries with your suppliers using WhatsApp and Email.

  • Customer communication

    Send all documentation directly from the platform, vouchers via WhatsApp and Email to inform your customers regarding booking status.

  • Hotel Bookings

    Share booking enquiries with your suppliers and update booking status into the application. Easily log suppliers payments, handle rooms unavailability and cancellation.

  • Cab Scheduling

    Schedule cabs by sharing enquiries with your suppliers and handle any complex ground work. Scheduling Calendar provides a bird's-eye view to never miss any bookings to ensure smooth trip experience for your customers. Shared details with customers and drivers via WhatsApp or Email.

  • Supplier and Customer Payments

    Track and log customer and suppliers payments including deposit and balance amounts along with the payment method used. Get overview of profit/loss for an individual trip along with all transactions to ensure maximum profit.

  • Booking Updation and Cancellation

    Effortlessly manage bookings and any changes, calculate payments/refunds due and update your suppliers.

  • Booking-Payment Leadgers

    Improve communication and transparency with suppliers by sharing booking-payment ledgers, ready to download as Excel files.

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