01. Learn The Sembark Travel Software

Welcome to the Sembark Travel Software Training! In this guide, we will walk through the process of getting started with Sembark Travel Software. As the Sembark Travel Software has primary focus on processes, than features, this guide focuses on utilizing the software in your day-to-day business processes.

This guide will provide you a high level overview of every process with practical usage of Sembark Travel Software. On every step of this guide, you will have references to full documentation which you can go through to deep dive into a particular process.

Practical Guide

We recommand that you follow along with every step and practice along with us to get comfortable and familiar with every process. Once you complete this guide, you will feel right at home with your day-to-day software uage.

Login into Software

Before you get started, you should login into the Sembark Travel Software with your credentials (email and password). Please open https://sembark.com and click on Login button from top navigation. On the next page, enter your credentials and you will be redirect to the software dashboard.

Don't Have an Account ?

If you don't have an account on Sembark, please request your company's Admin team for an account. If your company haven't signed-up for an account, your company admin/owner can request for an account.

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Choose Your Role-Process

Sembark Travel Software is a start-to-end Internal Management Software, allowing every team member with different roles and departments of a Travel Business to utilize different aspect of the software. This guide has been divided into different sections based on different processes in a Travel Business.

Because of the nature of a Travel Business, some parts of every process are application to every team member, and so the some guides will also includes reading references to other sections. To get started, pick the appropriate section based on your role. If you play multiple roles, choose one from your roles.

Sales and Leads Management

As the Sales is core part of any Travel Business, almost every process in the Sembark Travel Software also starts with Leads or Enquires. This process inclusions Lead Management, Package Quotes, Follow-ups, Conversions and Payments Collections.

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Learn Sales Process

Hotel Reservations

Next to the sales is the Hotel Reservations process where you manage the bookings of hotels which were quoted in the sales. After every sale, the hotel bookings are automatcially intialized and are ready for next processes.

The reservations process in Sembark Travel Software includes hotel booking enquiries, status tracking, hotel voucher generation, outoing payments tracking, cancellation and booking ledger for hotels. If you work in or with reservations team, this is good place to get started with this guide.

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Learn Reservations Process

Payments and Accounting

Day-to-day accounting and payments tracking is a core part for any healthy running business with great B2B and B2C relations. To ensure on-time payments, Sembark Travel Software brings all your payments (i.e. collectable from buyers and payables to suppliers) at one place along with segment-wise distribution on every step.

Sembark Travel Software might not be a accounting software but it is capable of handling any complex money management process because of it's 2-way accounting system. This allows the software to easily handle and track transactions, related to daily payments and advance payments.

Whether you are in the accounts team or not, we recommand you to go through this guide to ensure your contribution in a Healthy Cash-flow in your business.

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Learn Accounting Process

Tour Operations and Bookings

Tour Operation is the most critical part when it comes to the customer experience which implies a company's growth. To ensure a smooth tour operations for you and your customers, Sembark Travel Software provides Tour Calendar with booking status of tranports, easy way of sharing driver details with guest and vice-versa.

As this process is very important to the company, every team member from sales, reservations, operations and accounts should get involved to ensure payments collections, supplier payouts, booking reconfirmations, vouchers sharing and customer support. Hence we recommand every team member to go through this process as well.

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Learn Accounting Process

Data Operator

Your Sembark Travel Software really shines when it is feeded with your fully personalized data. In a nutshell, Sembark Travel Software is all about your data and it's management process by different team members from your Company. All the data in the software (e.g. Hotels, Itineraries, Supplier Contracting etc.) is uploaded by you or your team members. To ensure a smooth data operations and management, Sembark Travel Software provides easy ways to upload and manage your different data sets.

If you work with data sheets such as Itineraries, Supplier Contracting etc., then this is a great place for you to get started. And if you don't operate on data, you are probably using the data in the software, then this guide will give you an overview of where to find data or report missing data.

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Learn Accounting Process

Administration and Heads

As the name implies, if you work with administrative tasks such as User Invitations, Reporting and Analysis, Growth Monitoring etc, then these guides will help you get the most out of your day-to-day software usage. Here you will learn how to invite users, track performance, manage master data, generate sales-checkout reports etc.

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Learn Accounting Process


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