Travel Enquiries and Leads Management

Track enquiries and leads of every stage at one connected places

All the tools you need to accurately track, manage and utilise enquiries with minimal effort and time. Sembark's enquiry management feature ensures optimal performance and the best chances of conversion


Enquiry Creation

Capture all the information you need to get an enquiry off to the best start and turn quality enquiries into bookings.

Filters and Stages

View all leads of different stages at a single place with stage wise segregation to easily see who is working on what, what needs to be done next and prioritise your workload.

Leads Distribution

description: "Assign enquiries to your team members from sales and operations team to easily manage workflows."

Tagging and Filters

An easy and intuitive way to identify and collate leads based on pre-defined factors. Increase efficiency, stay organised and track the progress of all ongoing leads.