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2023 Recap - Soaring to New Horizons with Streamlined Travel Business Management

by Sudhir Mitharwal on 31 Dec, 2023

Image showing a calendar with 2024 passing and 2023 coming

2023 wasn't just a year of meteoric growth and unwavering dedication for Sembark Travel Software; it was also a year of valuable lessons and overcoming obstacles. We propelled forward, fuelled by the trust of 200+ new clients from across India and beyond, and partnerships forged at industry events like SATTE'23 and OTM Mumbai. Our journey was paved with 75+ exciting updates and upgrades, transforming the platform into a powerhouse of travel management efficiency.

But it wasn't just about numbers. We poured our hearts into crafting features that revolutionized travel business workflows:

New Features and Upgrades in '23

  • Industry-First Cab Price Calculator: Say goodbye to guesswork! Sembark introduced India's first universal can calculator which can easily calculate cab cost for any of the system (per km and day running system, per day with extra km charges etc.) or any of the destination like Kerala, Rajasthan, North East, Gujarat, Himachal, Ladakh etc.

    Image showing cab price calculator for various metrics.

  • Travel Activities with Supplier Contracting: Manage activities seamlessly, from contracts to quotations, all within the platform.

    Image showing Travel Activities Preview

  • Advanced Hotel Search: Find the perfect accommodation in seconds with refined search filters and instant comparisons.

    Image showing Hotel Advanced Search during quotation.

  • Destination-wise Contact and Billing: Cater to diverse clients with ease. Manage unique addresses and billing preferences for different destinations.

    Image showing destination-wise contact addresses.

  • Proforma Invoices: Share professional proforma invoices with automated billing and tax details from your organization profile and customer details.

    Image showing proforma invoice preview.

  • Multi-Category Packages: Create customizable multiple category quotations that cater to a variety of budgets and preferences such as 3-star, Luxury Package etc. Checkout out YouTube video for feature walkthrough.

    Image showing mutliple category quote starting flow.

  • Multi-Currency Quotes and Exchange Rates: Easily create Tour Package Quotes where costing includes multiple currencies and automate the exchange rates during quotation process.

    Image showing multiple currencies in Quotation.

  • Enhanced Sales Reports and Analytics: Gain actionable insights into your performance with robust data and comprehensive reports.

    Image showing salesperson wise sales reports.

And that's just skimming the surface! We also refined existing features, prioritized customer satisfaction with a dedicated support team, and honed our international capabilities to cater to a wider travel business landscape.

Learning from Challenges, Growing from Within

While our journey was exhilarating, it wasn't without its bumps. We encountered minor obstacles in aligning customer support queries with our roadmap and expanding internationally. But these challenges proved to be invaluable learning experiences. We realized the importance of a dedicated support team, which we promptly established, leading to a 90%+ satisfaction ratio.

Our international endeavours led us to add features like Multi-Currency with Exchange Rates, Destination-wise Team and Addresses, Travel Activities in Quotation, and Multi-Category Quotes, making us better equipped to serve global clients.

Reaching New Heights in 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, we're teeming with ambition for our roadmap:

  • Supplier Management: Take control of your vendor relationships with a dedicated module.
  • Travel Activities Bookings: Book unforgettable experiences directly through the platform, simplifying your operations.
  • Multi-Timezone Company Offices: Manage a global team effortlessly with flexible timezone settings.
  • Follow-up and Reminder Enhancements: Never miss a beat with automated reminders and streamlined lead conversion.
  • Bulk Payment Clearance: Process payments efficiently and effortlessly, saving you valuable time.
  • WhatsApp Integration: Stay connected with clients through seamless WhatsApp communication.

But our growth isn't just about features. It's about connecting with passionate travel professionals like you. We're expanding our reach through targeted marketing and the power of word-of-mouth recommendations from our delighted clients.

Testimonials that Speak Volumes

As Mr. C.P. Bhatter from Neptune Holidays says, "The Software is Excellent. Internal Communication between our Sales & Operation Team became smoother. Quotation & sales process became faster than earlier!" And Mr. Aditya Bothra from Himalayan Travels echoes that sentiment, attributing their "significant sales growth and customer satisfaction" to the platform's efficiency.

Stories like these fuel our fire. We see how Sembark transforms businesses, from streamlining lead generation to bridging the gap between sales and reservations. Witnessing these transformations is a constant reminder of our mission: to empower travel businesses with the tools they need to soar.

Streamlining Travel, Empowering Businesses

The true magic of Sembark lies in its ability to revolutionize the way travel businesses operate. We connect and streamline all internal processes, eliminating roadblocks and boosting efficiency. Imagine this:

  • Lead generation from multiple sources (Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, Forms) brought together and managed effectively, with auto-assignment, follow-up, and clear visibility of lead sources and performance.
  • Contracting for hotels, transfers, and activities handled within the platform, automatically calculated into quotation costs for sales teams to seamlessly customize offerings without re-calculations.
  • Sales-to-reservations process streamlined, with data from quotes converted to bookings, and payment instalments tracked by accounts for easy payment collection.

Sembark becomes the backbone of your travel business, connecting and streamlining sales, reservations, tour operations, and accounting. It becomes a catalyst for growth, helping you see more sales, better tour operations, and improved accounting, just like Mr. C.P. Bhatter from Neptune Holidays and Mr. Aditya Bothra from Himalayan Travels experienced.

Ready to Take Flight?

Book your personalized and free demo today and see how Sembark can revolutionize your Travel Business. We believe the software will seamlessly blend into your existing process, bring a symphony of efficiency and growth to your business, and help you soar towards new travel horizons.

Let's embark on this incredible journey together in 2024!

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Together, we can reach new travel horizons.


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