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Boost Your Efficiency with the Best Travel CRM Software

by Rajat Sharma on 07 Feb, 2024

In a fast changing travel industry, where seamless travel experiences are paramount, Sembark Travel CRM Software stands as a beacon of Innovative Travel Technology, transforming the way Tour Operators and DMCs are operating. This powerful Travel CRM Software is more than just software; it's a game-changer that redefines how travel businesses operate and grow their Travel Business.

Unveiling the Power of Sembark Travel CRM: Features that Propel Excellence

Leads Management and Tracking with Follow-Ups

Say goodbye to missed positive Tour queries. Sembark's Travel CRM Software ensures you never lose track of potential Tour bookings. With effective Leads Management and Tracking capabilities, integrated with follow-ups and reminders, you stay ahead in the competitive travel world.

60-Second Tour Itinerary Builder

Time is money, especially in the fast-paced travel industry, where customers demand instant reply to their Tour Package queries. Sembark Travel CRM Software offers a revolutionary 60-second Tour Itinerary Builder. Build Tour Package with ease, empowering your business to respond instantly to lower the Query Turnaround Time (TAT).

Auto Tour Cost Calculation of Tour Packages

Tour Cost Calculations are very common in Travel Businesses which hampers their credibility with financial losses. Sembark Travel CRM Software auto calculates Tour Costing to eliminate the chances of wrong price calculation.

Instant Tour Package Share

Impress clients with professionalism and instant Tour Package share. Sembark Travel CRM Software provides capability to share packages instantly through WhatsApp or Email with visually appealing PDFs, improving communication and engagement. B2B Tour Operators can also share the Tour Package details to B2B Travel agents by sharing Word Docx Files in the email replies.

Dynamic Supplier Rate Sheet Management with Multiple Currencies

Sembark Travel CRM Software offers Dynamic Supplier Rate Sheet Management with support of multiple currencies. Tour Operators and DMCs can easily upload Hotel, Transport, Activities and Add-on Travel Services contracting sheets with Excel format upload.

Auto New Tour Booking Details sharing to Reservations, Operations and Accounts

Sembark Travel CRM Software instantly shares new bookings to the Hotel Reservation Team, Transport & Activity Scheduling Team and, Accounts team to make communication between Teams easier.

Hotel Reservations Made Effortless

Share booking enquiry email for hotels in a click to Hotels or B2B Hotel Consolidator. Track all the Hotel Reservations progress with booking cycle, and follow ups. Share Hotel Booking confirmations with your Customer via Email along with auto-generated Hotel Vouchers. Sembark Travel CRM Software ensures your hotel reservation process is streamlined and efficient.

Smart Tour Operation Calendar

Efficiency is key to successful tour operations. Sembark Travel CRM Software smartly creates Smart Tour Operation Calendar to ensures smooth scheduling for cabs, activities, and other travel services, enabling flawless execution of tours.

Payment Tracking

Keep your finances in check and maintain Healthy Cash Flow. Sembark Travel CRM Software's comprehensive payment tracking system covers all incoming and outgoing transactions, providing a clear overview of your payable and receivables.

Lead API Integration for Seamless Lead Capture

Make Lead Capturing and Distribution more productive. Sembark integrates seamlessly with Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and your website, capturing leads and automatically assigning them to your executives. Easily qualify the received leads and share Tour Packages seamlessly.

In-Depth Sales Reports

Empower your decision-making with detailed Tour sales reports. Analyse overall Sales Performance, evaluate Sales Executive Efficiency, monitor Destinations, and track lead source effectiveness - all at your fingertips with Sembark Travel CRM Software generated Reports.

Supplier Booking and Payment Ledgers

Build Stronger Partnerships. Sembark Travel CRM Software generates supplier Ledgers automatically from your bookings to ensure transparent communication with suppliers through detailed booking and payment ledgers, fostering trust and reliability.

Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Flexibility in working is the pillar of modern Travel business. Sembark Travel CRM Software enables you to work seamlessly from any device - be it mobile, laptop, or desktop - empowering you to stay connected and productive from anywhere.

Embrace the Future with Sembark Travel CRM

In an industry where everything and every moment counts, Sembark Travel CRM Software emerges as the catalyst for transformative change for Tour Operators and DMCs. Elevate your business, exceed client expectations, and pioneer a new era of travel excellence with Sembark Travel CRM Software.

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