Customization of Quote Email and PDF Template

by Sudhir Mitharwal on 27 Nov, 2023

You can now set custom greetings for quotation emails and pdf along with fonts and text configuration. The greetings support rich text formatting such as bold, italic, links and more. This update also includes update with multiple bank accounts (upto 4) with swift codes attachment, upto 4 categories during quotation etc.

Let's go through this update in details.

Quote Email Templates Customizations

Admins can now set custom greetings for quotation emails along with fonts and text configuration. The greetings support rich text formatting such as bold, italic, links and more.

Image showing customization options in quote email template

To get started with customizations, click on the Edit button on the right. One the next screen, you can change the fonts, text justification and customize your greetings.

Customize Fonts

This setting controls how the text/font will look in your quote email content. You can choose a font from the list of widely supported families.

Image showing font settings customization in quote email

Font depends on Device

Fonts are device dependent and might not be available on your/client's device. Please use a widely supported font-family so that you and your clients can view the selected font family. In-case a device doesn't support a font-family, it will fall back to its system default font.

Text Justification

The text justification controls how the text in your itineraries and terms behaves when the paragraphs contain multiple line of text. The default behaviour is to align the text to the left. You can toggle this behaviour using the checkbox in the template editing step. A justified text will be spaced to line up its left and right edges to the left and right edges of the line box, except for the last line.

Depends on Email Client

Text justification is dependent on email clients (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail etc.) and some email clients might not support the justified behaviour. In those cases, the default behaviour of left alignment will be applicable.

Here is how left-aligned vs justified will look like

Image showing left-aligned vs justified text

Justified text on Smaller Screens

If the justified text spans over multiple lines, the content might become hard to read for some users, especially on smaller screens such as smartphones. As stated earlier, a justified text is spaced to ensure left and right alignment, hence the spacing between words changes based on the line width. This can also degrade the reading experience of users.

Greetings customizations

You can provide a custom greeting message template to be used in place of default greetings for your quotation emails. The message content can be formatted using the Markdown text editor which is already using across the application. You can format text with bold, italic and insert links to your desired web pages. You can also use placeholder/template variables such as customer's name and your company name to automatically change the message based on queries.

Here is a sample content which can be further customize based on your needs.

Greetings from **[[BRAND_NAME]]**!

[[BRAND_NAME]] is delighted to plan a trip for you. We are the [best company]( to provide customised tours. Let's confirm this package and we will ensure best hospitality.

Please find your package details below-

This greeting will be shared in quote email till the qutoe conversion. For conversion and after conversion updates, the existing greetings will be shared which included the Conversion and After Conversion Update labels.

Quote PDF Templates Customizations

SImilar to email, you can also customize the greetings, fonts and itinerary text alignment in Quote PDFs. The process of customization is similar to that of email.

Image showing steps for editing quote pdf settings

You can click on the Edit button from right-side to customize the PDFs settings. The Font Families are different than that of email due to limited support of fonts in PDFs. The greetings can be customized as per the requirements. You can also use the placeholder variables (e.g. CUSTOMER_NAME, BRAND_NAME) which will be automatically replaced with their respective values during the PDF generation e.g. CUSTOMER_NAME with the name of the customer in the query and BRAND_NAME with the your brand/short name.

Multiple Bank Accounts

You can now associate multiple bank accounts (upto 4) with your brands and they will be automatically shared in the vouchers and holding emails. To add bank account(s), Admins can visit the Organization > Settings page and add the Account details from the Bank Account section in the bottom of the Organization Profile.

Image showing button to add Bank Accounts

Non-Indian Bank Accounts

If you have bank account(s) outside India, you can now add them using the SWIFT Code with other necessary bank and branch details.

Image showing bank account creation using swift code

Salesperson Details in Quote PDFs

In our last update, we added functionality to associate Phone Numbers with users. In this update, we are bringing those contact details into the Quote PDFs footer section. The name and phone numbers of the salesperson will be shared in the Quote PDFs footer signature if the phone numbers have been updated in the Users section by the Admin.

Image showing edit button on user's details page

Once you associate the phone number details with the Sales Person, these details will be shared in the Quote PDF's footer signature section as shown bellow.

Image showing salesperson signature in PDF footer

You can now add a link of photos (or details) to the Hotels which will be shared in the Quote PDFs. This can be helpful if you want to share more details regarding a particular hotel. To associate link to an existing hotel, click on the Edit button from its details page and add the link in the last section.

Image showing hotel's link in quote PDF

Creation Interval and Cities Filter in Tourists

Admins can now filter and download the list of Tourists by interval of creation dates and cities from the Organization > Repository Pages.

Image showing advanced filters on Tourists listing page

Creation Interval Filters for Trip Sources

Admins can now filter the sources by the interval of their creation time from Organization > Repository page. The advanced filters and full sources list will now be available to Admins only. Other team members can search and scope the results or contact to Admin if need more details on sources.

Image showing creation interval filter in Trip Sources

Release Notes inside Application

With this update, you can now check the latest changes directly from your application. After you update the application, you will see a What's New button in the top navigation. Clicking on this will show the notes from latest update. You should always go through these release notes once after every update. Once you spend at least 2 minutes on this page, the highlighted What's New will go away. You can always check the latest release notes from top-right menu icon from your profile.

Image showing release notes inside the application

Future Trips in Checkout Reports

Admins can now view the future incompleted trips from the Trip Checkout Reports section using a new filter in Advanced Filter section. This allows you to view the upcoming trips for a given duration.

Image showing advanced filter to view future incompleted trips.

Disable Trip Destination

Admins can now disable Trip Destinations which are no longer used or created by mistakes from Organizations > Repository > Trip Destinations module. Once disabled, a destination CAN NOT be enabled again.

Other Improvements

  • The time for auto-leads cancellation has been reduced from 15 days past end date to 2 days past start date of trips.
  • Upper limit for number of options for multiple category quotes has been increased from 3 to 4.
  • Sales Team managers can now update the trip's owners (salespersons) which was only allowed for Heads and Admins.
  • Bug fixed which was causing infinite page refreshes and was resulting in You have exceeded requests error message.
  • Faster price fetching algorithms during Quote creation, resulting in even faster quote editing experience.
  • Improved Transport Service Points (A, B) management and removed side-effect from other modules as Hotels, Trip Sources etc.
  • Include Pax Details (Adults and Children) into Sales Report exports.
  • Improve City/Location filters on Trip Sources and Tourists to only show the cities which have been assigned to Sources and Tourists respectively.
  • Include Activities Prices in Trip Checkout and Profit section.
  • Fix phone numbers in Excel exports which was causing issues in MS excel due the plus and minus calculations.
  • Fix issue in Trip Vouchers where the day-wise grouping of Transport Services was incorrect when a transport service started at 23:00+.
  • Fix incorrect navigation in Source and Destination wise sales reports when click on leads stats.
  • Handle flights prices when calculating profits and taxation for Sales and Checkout Reports.
  • Show Inclusive label (Flights (inc.)) in Quote WhatsApp, Email and PDF sharing to remove any confusions regarding flights and package prices.

That's all for this release. Stay tuned for more updates.

To update your application to latest version, simply refresh the page with ctrl+shift+r on Windows and cmd+shift+r on MacOS. After refresh, you will receive a notification at the top of the page to update.

If you are facing any issues regarding update, please checkout out our update guidelines.


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